New York Adventures: The Extraordinary Journey!



Hope you enjoy all the events shared here.

I realized that the best way to share all the stories from
this New York journey with my dearest friends in every corner in the world, would
be to share every details online, this way, who knows, it may entertain and
somehow even inspire the friends of the future that I haven’t met yet.

By now most of you know that this New York journey was
planned to attend the premiere of “Brad Fitt Will Be Mine”, this short film
that I wrote, directed and produced, and that I’m extremely happy that got
selected to premiere at the New York City International Film Festival.

I haven’t been in New York since 2006, and I love this city
so much, even more than my birth city Rio de Janeiro, and been dreaming of
returning to NYC ever since, and now the great moment arrived.

I’m a dreamer, and most you who know me know that I dream
big, and think big, and I always say “why not”, if there is a place that we are
totally free and can be whoever we want is in our imagination and dreams.

So I must confess that in those limitless place that I can
dream all I want, deep inside I would love that all the most amazing magic
happen in this trip, I would love to meet Steven Spielberg at the festival or
somewhere in New York, go for a coffee, talk about all the movies and life, and
eventually he says “Hey, I really like your work and would love you to be this
great character in my new film”, wow! And of course, the ultimate dream, the
love dream… I just would love to bump into Bradley Cooper and we look into
each other’s eyes and have that love at first sight moment… and be happy
together ever after!

But then somewhere between dreams and reality I learned that
it is easier to keep things simple and without too high expectations, and then
whatever happen, it will be a wonderful surprise!  With that in mind, I developed a way of
living which is to make the most of everyday, always do my best in everything I
do, and all the good things will come at the right time. And about the New York
plans and dreams, I simply couldn’t wait to see all my dear New York friends,
eat all the delicious New York food, and enjoy every day and every moment and
every piece of New York!

I’m writing this now that I’m already back in Sydney, after
this unforgettable New York adventure, and as you can imagine, everything
beyond my imagination happened, so much happened that I didn’t have the chance
to start writing this on the first day in New York like I planned.

I’m opening my heart and sharing everything here, from the
preparation starting in Sydney, then to day 1 in New York, the accident that
happened on my second day here, the recovery process, the amazing experience at
the New York City International Film Festival and all the fantastic people I
met there from all around the world, to the historical Hurricane Irene
preparations for the city shut down.

Another great news if you are more of a watcher than reader, all
the stories shared here will also be made into a documentary and/or feature

It’s amazing how life is so full of surprises, and one day
we want something, and the next day everything that was so important the day
before can become so not important, and the very simple and basic things are
all we want and wish for, like, simply being in one healthy full piece and without pain.

I will get into it, and I truly hope some it inspire you in some way.

Lots of love,



Shailla Quadra in New York Times Square

Always awake in the city that never sleeps.












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