Chapter 3: Day 2, The Accident.


After falling sleep at 7pm the day before, it was no surprise
that at 3am I was already awake again, and that wasn’t cool because even though
New York is the city that never sleeps, to start the day at 3am is a bit too
dark for my taste. So I stayed in bed reading until about 5am, a good time to
go and start seizing the day!

10th of Agust 2011: My favourite metallic
havaiana broke, not cool! Could this be a bad omen?

I got into my working out gear, and first I went to Broadway
to look for a nice breakfast to fuel for the day, and had a nice classic eggs
and bacon bagel at Hot and Crusty!

Next: Central Park! Yeah!

On the way to Central Park they were filming something, there were a lot people dress up as police, maybe CSI NY, I didnt ask, or maybe they were real police… at Columbus Avenue.

Light Cameras & Action at Columbus Avenue



I love Central Park! So beautiful!

Did the nice jogging across the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir,
and with so much to see, I got enticed by the charming 5th Avenue,
so walked back up on 5th Avenue, and there I found another treasure
at Central Park that I haven’t seen before: The Conservatory Garden, so
beautiful and so peaceful!

The marvellously green Conservatory Garden


I just enjoyed every peaceful moment of it, didn’t want to
leave the perfect garden, but there was plenty more to explore, so I kept
going, after taking lots of photos of course!

The Conservatory Garden - 5th Avenue Central Park

The stunning and peaceful Conservatory Garden - 5th Avenue Central Park


Went all the way up to 110th Street and back to
the West Side and back home.

After a nice shower got ready and left again to continue the
NY journey.

The plan for the day was to go to the Drama Book Shop and
check out new books and flyers for current plays etc to find out all the
current cultural events that I would like to attend, and was also planning to
go “location scouting”, just to go and see the theatres where “Brad Fitt Will
Be Mine” was schedule to screen at the NYCIFF.

While walking down the UWS found a nice little fresh juice
shop where they have Acai, the very nice Brazilian berry in a bowl with granola
and banana, very nutritious and delicious, so I had a big bowl of Acai, to stay
strong for the day!

By the time I reach Columbus Circle I was already hungry
again. Stopped at the Time Warner Center to explore and take photos, but didn’t
eat there, another item in the “to eat” list was to go to Waldys to have their very
yummy pasta or their very yummy pizza, or both, so I kept going on the way to
visit the theatres first.

Columbus Circle View from The Times Warner Center


First on the list was the Snapple Theater, and the address I
had was 210 West 50th, and I didn’t know between which avenue it
was, and while walking down on the right side of 8th Avenue, I
turned right to look for the number between 8th and 9th,
and it wasn’t there, so I figured it would be between 8th and 7th,
so I walked back towards 8th avenue to cross the street, looked both
sides, no cars coming, so I kept going… next thing I heard was my head
hitting hard on the floor, and next think I saw was a bicycle and its rider in
top of me.

I got run over by a bike and I got hit hard and it happened
literally in a blink of an eye.

Be both stand up and I felt pain everywhere and tasted blood
in my mouth, and when I checked it was bleeding a lot. I freaked wondering if I
broke a teeth or something, but there wasn’t anything lost in my mouth, so it
was a sort of relief, it was just a painful big cut inside.

The biker asked if I wanted to call an ambulance, I told him
I didn’t have travel insurance so probably couldn’t do that. He asked if I was
dizzy or nauseous, I told him I wasn’t, that I was just in a lot of pain, that
everything was hurting, from the instantaneous big bump I got in my head, to
all the others that I got on my legs, and my mouth, and he said it was normal
because I just got run over by a bike at 50(or 15 a number that sounded like
that)miles/hour,  and I would probably be
in pain for a while.

We were in front of a drugstore (what a coincidence) and he
told me to go and get some painkillers.

I could barely walk, and there was no way I could walk like
that on my own in one of the busiest blocks in New York, and I asked him to
walk me to some cafe nearby where I could seat and get some ice to put in the
head bump and face and legs (well, everywhere), and he walked me to the nearest
place which was Starbucks.

Funny thing was that he told the attendant: “She just got
hit, can you please give her some ice” (he didn’t mentioned that he was the one
who drove his bike through me, but at this stage, wouldn’t make any difference,
all I wanted was ice to relieve the pain and make the contusions go away).

The attendant gave me one wrap of ice, and I asked for 1

I asked the biker for his name, Stephen.

I asked for his phone number so I could contact him if I get
worst or something, and he gave his card, then he told me he had to run because
he was running late for rehearsal (he is an actor).

I just sat there alone unsuccessfully holding back from
crying, and holding the packs of ice alternatively between the head-face-legs
contusions to relieve the pain. I was in so much pain that I wanted to scream
but couldn’t, not in public of course.

As I was there seating quietly crying holding all the ice,
the guy seating next to me asked if I was ok, I told him I wasn’t, and told him
I just got run over by a bike.

He said he noticed something strange when I was talking with
the guy (the biker) but didn’t want to get involved because he doesn’t like to
get involved in other people’s business.

He asked if I got to see a doctor and I told him I didn’t
because I was travelling and just arrived yesterday for just 3 weeks and didn’t
get travel insurance because I’m always healthy and live a very safe lifestyle
and would never think that something like this would happen.

He told me that he was a doctor, and he showed his

Out of all the places in New York and all its millions of
people, I got to seat next to a doctor when I most needed one. The Universe
works in mysterious ways without a doubt.

He asked if I got unconscious after the accident, or if I was
dizzy or nauseous or had any vomiting of felt like vomiting, and I told him I
wasn’t/didn’t, was just in a lot of pain in all the contusions locations, and
was mostly concerned about the big one on top of my head, it was hurting like
hell, and to have that sort of pain in the head certainly couldn’t be good to
anyone. He said if I wasn’t dizzy or nauseous, it was probably ok, and I
probably didn’t damage anything, and the pain was normal, that I should take
some painkillers, and keep putting ice, and that I shouldn’t worry about not
having travel insurance, because if I went to a doctor they wouldn’t be able to
do anything and would just tell me what he was telling me, and that I should go
home and rest.

While I was there I sent a text message to a couple of
friends to tell then what happened, but I didn’t want to sound too dramatic,
after all, I was the one on holiday and everybody was in their regular life
routines working and didn’t have time for this, so I just said “I got run over
by a bike, but I’m ok”.

Deep inside I was horrified of leaving Starbucks and having
to walk around feeling so vulnerable and terrified of anyone even bumping into
me into one the of my hurting areas. To just seat there having some nice talk
was a great relief and a gift from heaven, and I was feeling very thankful for
having the very nice doctor talking with me.

He told me that he was waiting for a friend and she was on
her way, and he asked her to get some “Aleve” painkiller on the way for me. That
was so sweet.

Soon after she arrived, Sara, and she was so lovely, and she
gave me the pack so I could help myself.

The Doctor also got us some chai tea, and we stayed there a
long time talking about many things, movies, the world, accidents, bicycles,
travel, everything. Sara has been to Australia and she loves Sydney, and we
also talked a lot about Sydney, and many things.

Eventually the time has come that they had to keep going
with their other duties, and I had to face the world outside Starbucks safety.

They were so kind, and they walked with me to the pharmacy,
where I got more painkillers, and an icebag wrap thing, then they walked me to
a little Italian place where I could get some nice takeaway dinner to take
home, and then they walked me to the nearest subway station, so I could take
the subway home instead of walking like I usually do.

I was in so much pain everywhere, that I couldn’t help but
just quietly cry while sitting trying to hide in the corner in the subway
waiting till my stop. This mum and daughter seating next to me noticed I wasn’t
well, and asked if I was ok, I briefly told them what happened. The daughter
told me she had an accident before, and that she put lots of ice and had lots
of rest, and eventually everything got better, and that I should to the same.
They left 1 station before stop. They were so sweet.

I finally arrived at my stop, and walked home very slowly.

The world was spinning around me.

I’m usually pretty good at locking away problems and all
other sorts of pain, but this one, I could not pretend that wasn’t there and I
could not hide and I could not make it go away quick.

This could not be happening.

Accidents are horrible, but to have an accident on the 2nd
day travelling to a place where you dream for so long to going back, and only
have 3 weeks to enjoy, and you want to make the most of everyday, and will also
have a big event to attend in about 1 week, and it is something so special that
you worked so hard for so long to achieve. This was just wrong. I wouldn’t mind
so much if it happened back home in Sydney, where I wouldn’t have a deadline to

The irony of the fact of being run over by a bicycle is that
back home I’m always extremely careful when driving to make sure I stay away
from them when they are in front of my car, for everybody’s safety.

When I finally got home I just cried. Cried for everything,
for all sorts of pain, the physical pain that even the painkillers were not
making go away, and for the emotional frustrating pain of having so much
exciting things that I wanted to while in New York for this 3 weeks, and now my
body was telling me that I had to rest to get better. I didn’t travel across the
world to rest.

Then my mind started to spin into the strange tiny little
choices we make every moment in life that change the whole course of it.

I choose to leave Sydney on the 8th of august,
and arrive in LA on the 8th of august, and arrive in New York on the
first hour of the 9th of august. Somehow I choose this date because
I thought it was kind of magical, 08/08, plus in some cultures 8 is a lucky
number, and the festival was schedule to start on the 18th, and that
would give me a whole 10 days to go everywhere, visit everything, see all my
friends, research things about my dreams of one day moving to New York, and I
wanted to research things like the real state market, the entertainment
industry market, visa lawyers, etc etc.

I couldn’t help but wonder if this would have happened
anyway if I choose to travel on a different date, like if I decided to travel
on the 9th, and would have arrived on the 10th, if I
would still end up in the corner at that moment to be run over. Or, if I only
have travelled on week later, on the 14th, if something would have
happened to me on the 10th while in Sydney, or on the 14th
after arriving in New York?

Even more, what if that day I have walked down Broadway
instead of 8th avenue, would I have been run over by someone else at

Even more, if I have checked on Google maps where the number
I was going was, I wouldn’t have wasted time looking for the number on 50th
between 8th and 9th, and would have crossed the street a
few minutes earlier straight to the right block, before the fastest biker in
the New York arrived at that place at that moment and hit me.

I can’t help but think of all these possibilities.

That moment changed everything.

That moment changed me.

Then I also think, if that didn’t happened, if I kept going
with the day like planned, what would have happened?

Could that moment as painful as it was have saved me from
something worst? Like getting hit by a car on the same day of days or weeks

Was that a small thing that saved me from worst things
happening in the future?

All I know is that the universe works in very mysterious

I always somehow feel protected by good angels or whatever
you call it, I know that people believe in different things, and I respect all
people’s beliefs, and for me, I’ve had proof again and again that I’m protected.
I nearly died many times, and somehow I survived (that will be a whole other

I grow up under almost extreme Catholicism, and eventually I
learned to separate to cons and pros about it, and kept all the good that
worked for me. And what always worked has been the faith I always had that I’m
blessed, and guided, and somehow all the right answers always come to me, and
all the good people are always present in my path, and that I’m protected by
the universe.

I also know that whatever we believe, that is what life
present to us, so perhaps because I believe in this so strongly, that is why
this is the experience I usually have.

I’ve also been learning more and more through the years to
trust and follow my instincts, and it always amazed me how this works, and I
had also experienced many times that I wasn’t sure what to do with my instincts
and didn’t follow them, and learned the lesson that I should have trusted

If you’re wondering if I regretted going go New York, or
flying on the 08/08, I didn’t. That was my first instinct, and I knew I had to
follow, when I booked the tickets and accommodation it felt right, when I got
in the plane, if felt right, and who knows, maybe the fact that now I looked
about 12 times at both sides of the street before crossing to make sure there
is nothing coming, and being making all my friends aware of that too when they
are crossing the street, this could be saving me from other things, and may be
even saving them, and maybe even saving you.




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