I Love Rose Bay

I Love Rose Bay

The past year I’ve been living in Rose Bay, so got to know this beautiful suburb fairly well and love it very much!

The first thought that I notice that most people have about Rose Bay is that is snobbish and that everything is more expensive than in other areas, but while living in Rose Bay I found out quite the opposite.

I found it a very friendly neighbourhood, I got to become friends with lots of neighbours from my building, and I always had great experience while shopping in the neighbourhood with great service with very friendly people, and about the prices, amazingly, I found many things for better prices in Rose Bay than in many other areas, and to celebrate my great Rose Bay experience, I would love to share with you the list of some of Rose Bay’s best services, coffees etc!

Beautiful Rose Bay


Some of my Rose Bay favourites:

Oscars Café

As I mentioned in previous posts, working as an actress and filmmaker I get to go everywhere in Sydney and I get to try coffees food etc everywhere, and I must say, without a doubt, Oscar’s Café has the best customer service I’ve experienced!

Perfect Coffee at Oscars Cafe Rose Bay


The star of Oscar Café is Agus, the most friendly barista in Rose Bay, everybody loves Agus, when he walks on the street in the end of his shift on his way home, its amazing, everybody in neighbourhood knows him and has a chat with him. He is always there not only making great coffee but also being a great friend, welcoming us for as long as we want, talking, listening, and always with a genuine friendly warmth.

The other staff of Oscar’s Café are also always very friendly, but Agus is the biggest barista star of Rose Bay.

To keep Oscar’s Café on top of my list, besides the great friendly staff that we can always count on, the delicious coffee, the very yummy egg and bacon roll (yes, Im crazy for egg and bacon rolls, that will be a whole other page), the great atmosphere, they also have: FREE INTERNET!!!!! Yes, I said FREE INTERNET!!!!


Banana bread and coffee at Oscars Cafe

The only downside of Oscar’s Café is that they close so early, about 3:30pm, 4pm maximum. They never hurry to kick you out or anything, they make everybody feel very comfortable, but eventually they do close and we have to find another happy place for coffee.

Oh, the toilet is also nice and clean!

You know how many cafes don’t have a toilet that we can go, or sometimes is a nice café or restaurant at the front, with a creepy cave toilet far in the back… but Oscar’s Café not only has a toilet, but it is also nice and clean!

Oscars Café: 1/481 Old South Head Road, Rose Bay. (02) 9388 2833

Frango Petershan Charcoal Chicken – Rose Bay

Yes, it is the Original Petershan shop, and they also have the Rose Bay shop, and everything is absolutely delicious and taste exactly the same as the original Petershan shop, and the Portuguese chicken is made by Portuguese’s chefs!

My favourite has always been the “Hot Lover” chicken burger, it’s massive, with lots of chicken, ham, cheese, and of course: lots of chilli! And its only $8!!!

The only downside again, is that they are closed on Tuesdays, and they close pretty early for my taste, about 7pm!

Frango Rose Bay: 801 New South Head Road, Rose Bay. (02) 9388 2636


The Best Thai

“The Best Thai” has the best lunch deals that beats most Sydney suburbs, only $8.50 lunch special for beef or chicken meals, and the deal goes until 4pm, including the weekends! While most lunch deals everywhere else are only for weekdays, we can enjoy great lunch at The Best Thai for only $8.50 on weekends as well!

To make even better, the price is small, but the meals are very good size which makes even better deal!

And best of all: delicious!!!!

Their dinner menu is also better price than in many other Sydney areas, and they are open until late, probably until about 10:30 or something like that.

The Best Thai Rose Bay: 680 New South Head Road, Rose Bay. (02) 9388 2344

Grandma Moses

Delicious breads!!!!!

We can smell the nice breads from Grandma Moses all around the block!!!!

Only annoying thing is that their opening hours are not always… open.

The good thing is that we can also find their bread at the Coles Rose Bay North/Vaucluse, and at Coles Bondi Junction.

Seriously, is very delicious bread!

They also sell other deli items, but their bread is their main star!!!!

Grandma Moses: 513 Old South Head Road, Rose Bay. (02) 9371 0874


Pure Beauty and Laser Clinic

One would think that to have a little beauty treatment in Rose Bay would cost much more than somewhere else, but guess what? It doesn’t?

Well, I don’t exactly go around trying beauty clinics everywhere, I wish I did! But I do like to have my eyebrows nicely done, and to my surprise, the eyebrow waxing service was so much cheaper in Rose Bay than in many other places that I checked before! Only $12.00! It was also very friendly girl, and she did a very good job, very fast and exactly the way I wanted, and I had perfect eyebrows again in a few minutes! I told her that after that I wouldn’t let my eyebrows go messy again or worry about tidying them up myself!

Pure Clinic: Shop 1, 483 Old South Head Road, Rose Bay. (02) 9371-7315


Parisi Food Hall

Well, a few items at Parisi Food Hall cost a little bit more than in other fruit shops, and if we compare with the awesome Harris Farms for example, where we can get herbs such as Parsley or Coriander for $1.49, at Parisi simple things like that can be more than double, about $3.99 for a bunch of herbs!

Besides a few things like this, in which we pay for the experience of shopping in a very nice and beautiful deli, we can find some very good deals at the pre-pack fruits and vegetables on special, they also have very nice bread session where they have a wide collection of breads from normal price like everywhere else to very fancy breads that cost more.

Sweet plums from Parisis

My favourite part of Parisi is the “ready to eat” kitchen, where they have delicious everything, delicious arancinis for just about $4.99, lasagnas and mousakas for just $7.99 and they are absolutely fresh made delicious! Perfect when we are in the hurry or not in the mood for cooking so we can buy something very affordable that is nutritious fresh and delicious!

Beef Moussaka from Parisis Rose Bay

Delicious Beef Moussaka from Parisis Rose Bay


Parisi’s Food Hall: 19-21 Dover Road, Rose Bay. (02) 9371 2411


Swiss Deli

Yeeah, they just opened a brand new Swiss Deli about a month ago on the Park (Lyne Park) near the Ferry, in front of the water.

Its where I’m writing this right now. Its very very nice!!!!

Its lovely view, very relaxing, certainly very inspiring for writers, very nice coffee, very nice friendly service as well. I’m enjoying the experience.

There are no special deals of any kind (you know, coffee+cake etc etc specials) Well, it is a very nice view so I’m sure that is not cheap having this location… with sandwiches starting at $12 (not including cheese or chips) they look delicious though, but I choose to try just the chips instead, it was the best value in the menu for only $5! And I must say, it was pretty good chips, big portion and very nicely presented! The chocolate brownies look quite yummy too, didn’t try one yet, the chips filled me up for the day… next time!

Swiss Deli: Ferry Wharf, New South Head Road, Rose Bay. (02) 9371 9000


Easy Parking

Yes, Rose Bay must be the easiest place for parking in Sydney.

There are plenty of parking everywhere, and best of all: free!!!!

Of course, check the signs for the restrictions in the busiest shop areas, but I don’t remember seeing a paid parking yet in Rose Bay, which makes life as a driver much easier and cheaper, comparing with parking hassle and rates in most suburbs where can be very hard to find some and they cost a fortune!

Well, while parking is easy, public transport is not so easy.

Better check the timetables, and even then, they don’t always come on time.

Many times I waited for the bus to the city at New South Head Road for about 40minutes in normal rush hour where there should be more buses than that! They also end early, so if you’re having a late night out, don’t rely on them, get a taxi!

Beautiful view from Rose Bay North


The bay… The water… The pathwalks…

I love how the bay area is very well lit so we can have a nice run anytime at night, so doesn’t matter if we had a busy day and no time exercise or to have a relaxing time, we can always go for a nice night power walk, run, whatever speed you like, and it is beautiful, safe and relaxing. Perfect after a long day of work! So no excuse about gyms that close early or streets that are too dark, we can have a run on the bay anytime! And burn all that delicious food from earlier, to enjoy more tomorrow!


The Bay Run - Walk at Rose Bay

There are plenty more of wonderful things in Rose Bay, I will let you discover on your own, this is just the start, to welcome you…


Chilling out in Rose Bay


By Shailla


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