Shailla Quadra is an award winning filmmaker, actress, writer and internet whiz.

She is simply not the type that sits and waits. She goes for it!

She went from being an unemployed artist, to become “Festival Queen” as her film making mentor and film industry friends refer to her now.

Shailla is passionate about helping artists achieve their career goals and enjoys watching the career growth of those she comes in contact with.

She is a talented actress who studied the craft of acting at various highly respected entities around the globe, such as URJ and Teatro Tablado (Brazil), NIDA and Actors Centre (Australia) with a variety of highly renowned coaches, including with the reputable Ivana Chubbuck herself, at the Masterclass she held in Sydney at the Actors Centre.

She also studied full time at the TVI Actors Studios in New York, where they have some of the best teachers in the craft of acting, and also for specific areas such as TV, Theatre, Film, Commercials, they also have weekly business classes teaching the actors how to run their own business and the whole process of creating and branding a career as an actor. She also furthered her education by going to film making and directing school at Australian Film Base (Australia).

Shailla has accumulated extraordinary credits as an actress working with some of the most prestigious industry names in many short films, feature films, TV shows and commercials worldwide.

She is extremely disciplined, committed and passionate about creating great things in this world and inspiring those she comes in contact with.

She truly believes that everything is possible when we put our minds and hearts into it.

Shailla is driven to continually learn, going regularly to workshops, and also going to festivals, especially when they have Q&A sessions with the filmmakers, “I’ve made lots of friends with lots of filmmakers from around the world, and I’ve spoken with and absorbed as much as possible as to how they made it, and I’ve learned a lot from them, and they truly inspired me with their passion and determination”.

One side of her that many people don’t know is that she also studied IT for many years, and she is also a web designer, having developed and published many popular websites.

Being one the most energetic person you may ever come across, recently after concluding intensive trainings on Business Performance Marketing and Communications, her resolution was to become the queen of creation, which she’s been successfully achieving day after day while making so many projects come from paper to life.


Being also known as one of the most social faces in the Sydney film industry, she enlightens every event she walks in, bringing joy happiness and inspiration to everybody around her.


actress shailla quadra

Shailla Quadra - Photo by Damian Nixey




After years of hard work, sharp discipline, determination and persistence, and then working in various independent projects as an actress, she started to question why some films would be shown in festivals everywhere, and other films nobody got to watch them anywhere.
She realized that getting roles in films have become easy, but she wanted more than just getting another role, she didn’t want to become an “unseen computer file”, so she decided to go to film school to become a filmmaker, and got additional inspiration after reading “Rebel Without a Crew” by Robert Rodriguez, and since then she became unstoppable, producing her own films.
From then on, she didn’t have to wait anymore, she would have all copyrights from her own productions to take them to the world, and share her work with audiences worldwide.
She heard it all, from “you shouldn’t wear too many hats” or “you shouldn’t be a jack of all trades”, but nothing stopped her, she always had the “why not” attitude. She thought to herself, “if Robert Rodriguez can do it, I can do it”.

Now she is a trained and experienced filmmaker. She has completed various intensive courses at the Australian Film Base, where all the students receive hands on experience of the film making process from pre-production through to post-production.

Shailla has the skills to write, cast, produce, manage, design, direct, edit, gaffer, operate camera, do sound, continuity, clapping, etc.
Shailla has a passion to continually learn new techniques and a drive to further her education, updating and refining those techniques constantly.
Later she went back to the Australian Film Base for more intensive workshops on Film Making and Directing (with Colm O’Murchu, Director/Producer of the “The Makeover” and Director of “Dealing with Destiny”), and then for workshops on the business side of the entertainment industry with Kriv Stenders (Director of “Red Dog”) Enzo Tedeschi (Writer/Producer of “The Tunnel”) Gregory J Read (Writer/Director of “Like Minds”).


She worked on 2 productions whilst studying at the Australian Film Base, “Three Lives of Alex” and “Beauty and the Brag”. After that she worked in various crew roles in many independent productions from short films to feature films to keep practicing and learning more.

Later she wrote, directed, produced, edited, etc 2 films for the Kino Kabaret UK Film Festival, “Brazilian Gone British” and “Stella & Robert”. A few months after she made another film for the Kino Film Festival, “Breathing”, this was received extremely well with her daring performance and from the great feedback, she wrote and shot some additional scenes for “Breathing” and sent it to more film festivals and she was absolutely over the moon when “Breathing” was selected to show at the biggest Horror Film Festival in Australia, “A Night of Horror International Film Festival”, where the film got shown to a full house audience when all the tickets for the night got completely sold out!

Breathing also screened at the Newtown Flicks Film Festival, along with “Truly Cool”, another film she wrote, produced and directed.

Truly Cool won the audience awards for its screening session at the Newtown Flicks Film Festival.

Truly Cool and Breathing also were shown at the Portugal Short Film Market among many other festivals.

Her latest work on the other side the camera on third party productions has been as the Production Assistant for the much anticipated feature film “Dealing with Destiny”.

Her latest production “Brad Fitt Will Be Mine” premiered at the heart of Times Square, at the prestigious New York City International Film Festival, in which she also got nominated for the Best Actress Award. “Brad Fitt Will Be Mine” recently was also part of the Official Selection for the Columbia George International Film Festival, the biggest film festival in Vancouver/Washington.


jane marc shailla and jack behind the scenes of brad fitt will be mine

Shailla Directing & Doing Sound at "Brad Fitt Will Be Mine". Actors: Marc Petzke & Jane E Seymour. DOP: Jack Kelly. This Location: Australian Aboriginal Art Gallery. Photo by Glenn Marsden




Shailla maintains her motivation by regularly attending business and marketing intensive workshops with some of the best coaches in the world in self-development and promotion.
These include the Christopher Howard Programs ”Breakthrough Success” and “Performance Revolution” for self development and business leadership.

She also attended various workshops with some of the largest media and marketing names including Jay Conrad Levinson and Joel Roberts, and many various marketing experts.

She also attended the Creative Marketing Boot Camp with Sydney’s local Freelancing and Marketing expert Monica Davidson.

She also has lots of experience working in marketing projects in the entertainment industry.

Her ultimate dream is to inspire the entire world making everybody realize that all the amazing things in life are possible for those who have faith in life and go for it.

By SQ edited by BW