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Apr 05


  PROJECT TITLE: JEWEL HEART     “ALL THROUGH THE YEARS” MUSIC VIDEO Directed by Jewel Heart & James Peniata Cast: Shailla Quadra, Joshua Moore, Jacqueline Murray, Jordan Rafter, Diego Retamales, and many more. Production by: Jewel Heart Music & Jimikpop             Watch Music Video:        

Nov 24


  FILMING ATOMIC KINGDOM – EPISODE 8 Back on the fantastic “ATOMIC KINGDOM” set filming Episode 8 of the series! Great fun joining great cast and crew on lots of action! Directed by James Peniata Cast: James Peniata, Shailla Quadra, Jacqueline Murray, Jordan Rafter, Olga Olshansky, Sarah Hanse, Tracey Lee Maxwell, Laurent Boiteux, Aprille Lim, …

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Dec 28

Atomic Kindgom

FILM TITLE: ATOMIC KINDGOM Directed by James Peniata Cast: James Peniata, Shailla Quadra, Jacqueline Murray, Jordan Rafter, Olga Olshansky, Sarah Hanse, Tracey Lee Maxwell, Laurent Boiteux, Aprille Lim, Benjamin Cao, Alex Acosta, Ramy Jajo, Renee Lim, Van Parks, Pratheep Ramachandran, and many more. Production by: JimiKpop Studios      

May 09

I Love New York

FILM TITLE: I LOVE NEW YORK Directed by Shailla Quadra Production by: Unstoppable Productions **Click on the film title to watch Trailer here**

May 09

Seek Dare Act

TV PILOT TITLE: SEEK DARE ACT Directed by Viola Platte Production by: Innovation Magik Behind the Scenes of “Seek Dare Act”

May 05

Dealing With Destiny

FILM TITLE: DEALING WITH DESTINY Directed by Colm O’Murchu Cast: Shailla Quadra, Luke Arnold, Clayton Moss, Roger Sciberras, Steve Maresca, Emma Leonard, Catherine Jermanus, Barry Quinn, Mathew Oxley Production by: Dalifey Films

May 05


FILM TITLE: EVICTION Directed by Paul Bellette Cast: Shailla Quadra, Ami Starre, Lance Rice, Gretchen Mach

May 05


FILM TITLE: PREDICTIONS Directed by Eddie Arya Cast: Shailla Quadra, Dan Timbury, Brendan Byrne Production by: Arya Films “Predictions” Behind the Scenes Rehearsals

May 05

The Kiss

FILM TITLE: THE KISS Directed by Jack Douglas Cast: Shailla Quadra, Olivia Stiefel, Parth Navanati, Production by: 7 South Film Company

May 05


FILM TITLE: SOCIO   Directed by Eran Thompson Cast: Shailla Quadra, Victor Rijken, Shai Alexander, Alicia Gonzalez, Johnny Lahoud, Production by: Notice Corp Film Festivals: Interfilm Berlin, Oaxaca FilmFest, Sandfly Film Festival, Byron Bay Film Festival. Shailla & Viktor – Behind the Scenes of “SOCIO” Directed by Eran Thomson

May 04

Who Pays The Hitman

FILM TITLE: WHO PAYS THE HITMAN Directed by Rod Millner Cast: Shailla Quadra, Steve Maxwell, Sarah Filippi, Tana Smith, Ryan Oliver Gelbart, George Smilovici, Sergei Dudkevitch Production by: Bondiwood Productions **Click on the film title to watch Trailer here**

May 04


FILM TITLE: SMILE   Directed by Robin Maksic Cast: Shailla Quadra, Robin Maksic Production by: Sydney Film School **Click on the film title to watch Trailer here**

May 04

Shrove Tuesday

FILM TITLE: SHROVE TUESDAY Directed by Daniel Jones Cast: Shailla Quadra, Jane E Seymour, Oleg Chernykh, Luke Ayers, Robin Queree, Dan Balcaban, Production by Leedan Productions Film Festivals: The Indie Fest California – Winner of Merit Awards Columbia George International Film Festival

May 04

I Love Sydney

FILM TITLE: I LOVE SYDNEY Directed by Shailla Quadra Cast: Shailla Quadra, Khanh Trieu, Sara Bailey, Amy Purcell, Oleg Chernych Production by: Unstoppable Productions

May 04

What Would She Have Wanted

FILM TITLE: WHAT SHE WOULD HAVE WANTED Directed by Adrian Tan Cast: Shailla Quadra, Jennifer Fitzgerald, Cheryl Gauntlett, Kai Pantano, Pratheep Ramachandran, James Peniata Film Festival: 48 Hours Film Project

May 04

Last Hope

FILM TITLE: LAST HOPE Directed by Jason Mak Cast: Shailla Quadra, Anthony Kincella, Madeline Kelly, Troyante Christian, Gudi Osbourne, Sergei Dudkevitch Production by: Top Location Films

May 04


WEB SERIES TITLE: SPONTANEITY Directed by Paul Cavallo Cast: Shailla Quadra, Shannon Doherty, Sara Foukas, Andrew Carter, Post with behind the scenes story:

May 04

Truly Cool

FILM TITLE: TRULY COOL Directed by Shailla Quadra Cast: Shailla Quadra, Nicole Mazurek, Andrew Rix, Chris Mohen Production by: Unstoppable Productions Film Festivals: Winner of Best Audience Vote at the Sunday Offerings Session at the Newtown Flicks Film Festival, Vila do Conde Film Market **Click on the film title to watch Trailer here**

May 02

The Collectors

FILM TITLE: THE COLLECTORS Directed by Rob Leggo Cast: Shailla Quadra, Rob Leggo, Robin Queree, David Allsopp, Sally Struthers, Matty Knowles Production by: Ham & Cheese Man

May 02

Music Piracy

FILM TITLE: MUSIC PIRACY Directed by Rana Rordahi Cast: Shailla Quadra, Corey Woodcroft, Deccan Kelly, Logan Ramsay Production by: Innovation Magik

May 02

Beyond Redemption

FILM TITLE: BEYOND REDEMPTION Directed by Christopher Hobart Cast: Shailla Quadra, Daniel Timbury, Silvana Andrea, Mark James Dessaix, Lale Teoman, Eddie Araya Production by: Giant Vision Productions

May 02

Epic Trailer

FILM TITLE: EPIC TRAILER Directed by Shane Kavanagh Cast: Shailla Quadra, Lewis Alsamari, Johnny Boxer, Franko Milostnik, Mel Bonne, Dritan Arbana, Olya Kornienko, Paul W. He Production by: Tigris Productions

May 02

The Makeover

FILM TITLE: THE MAKEOVER Directed by Colm O’Murchu Cast: Shailla Quadra, Martin Dingle Wall, Jeff Gannon, Natalie Rose, Anthony Doyle, Dani Swan, India Lathey, Albany Dighton Production by: International Film Base

May 02

Beauty and The Brag

FILM TITLE: BEAUTY AND THE BRAG Directed by May Liu Cast: Shailla Quadra, Sebastien Blanc, Brendan Davey Tynan Production by: Sydney Film Base

May 02


FILM TITLE: MIARA Directed by Victoria Waghorn Cast: Shailla Quadra, Corey Woodcroft, Albany Dighton, Joseph Famularo Production by: Punk Monk Propaganda & MeuAmor Films

May 02


FILM TITLE: CHICKONOMICS Directed by Lawrence Harwood Cast: Shailla Quadra, Bridgette Sneddon, Holly Greenstein, Steve Peacocke Production by: Creative Persuits, NAFA & Lost In Jungle Productions

May 02

Half Your Tears

HALF YOUR TEARS Directed by Rob Miles Cast: Shailla Quadra, Jason Stojanovski, Sebastien Blanc, Erin Banks

May 02

Feeling Amorous

FILM TITLE: FEELING AMOROUS Directed by Gianni Corvetti Cast: Shailla Quadra, Robin Queree, Sarah Herlihy, Kaitlyn Cox Production by: Pezanti Productions

May 02

Twist of Fate

TV PILOT TITLE: TWIST OF FATE Directed by Hugh Cann Cast: Shailla Quadra, Belinda Gosbee, John Cross

Apr 12

Hands Full

FILM TITLE: “HANDS FULL” Directed by Kate Taylor Cast: Shailla Quadra, Kane Granville Film Festivals: Kino Kabaret UK Film Festival

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