Dec 13




Friday the 13th, most people get a bit spooky about it. I don’t, I actually like it. I like to see it as an especially lucky day… I like to believe that, otherwise if we start the day already thinking that is going to be a bad day, we will be doomed. We always have a choice, and I rather make positive choices that will work on my favour.

To go on with the tales of good or bad luck that most people go around believing, it seems to be a “classic” to believe that breaking a mirror is 7 years of bad luck. Now, to believe that is very cruel, I think that most people joke about it but don’t really believe in it, but unfortunately there are some that actually believe.

With all this in mind, early this morning I was in the kitchen preparing some food for the day while listening to some cheerful music… when I heard a massive noise in the bathroom! I run there and I saw the big mirror on the floor that felt all the way down from the top of the window, felt past the sink and landed on the floor. The front was facing down, so I couldn’t tell how badly broken it was because I could only see the back of the frame. I was just staring at it thinking to myself “I should have removed the mirror from the front of the window with all that wind, it was very stupid to leave it there, lucky I don’t believe in 7 years bad luck with broken mirrors, but I should have closed the window, if the 7 years are by any remote chance magnified by the size of the mirror or the date of the fall, this is not good.”

I gathered enough courage and picked the mirror frame from the floor and turned it to find out how big the damage was. I was astonished. It didn’t break. There wasn’t even a scratch. Everything was spinning backwards in my head and I realized how lucky I was.

If there is any sort of jinx with broken mirror, I started the new belief that if a mirror falls and if it doesn’t break, it is 7 years of great luck. Actually, it is my belief so I believe it the way I want to and I can let my imagination carry on. Unbroken mirror on Friday the 13th: 70 years of great luck.

By Shailla