Dec 06


I am a fighter. I always fight with heart, determination and courage. Unfortunately I have too much of a heart and seems that I feel everything 100 times more intense than what might be normal, which makes the good phenomenal and the bad unbearable; because of that sometimes defeats get the best of me and I get sad and feel hopeless. The worst part is that sometimes these negative feelings last from a few hours to a couple of days. The good part is that eventually my inner warrior fights back and finds the strength to search deep inside the dark hole and finds the memories of past victories in situations that seemed completely lost. Then I remember past experiences and battles that seemed that I didn’t have a chance, but I kept fighting and eventually I won the battle, and it gives hope to keep fighting. I start believing again that I have what it takes and that if I keep fighting I will win not only the present battle but all the upcoming ones. I look back and see how much time I wasted being sad, but then again, sometimes we need time to heal, so we can rise again stronger.

By Shailla