Nov 24

Second Release of Tickets for “Brad Fitt Will Be Mine” Australian Premiere!

Second Release of Tickets for “Brad Fitt Will Be Mine” Australian Premiere!

Hello Dear Friends! URGENT UPDATE!

Im writing this urgent update to make sure everybody is updated of what’s been happening the past hours.

Since lunch time I’ve been getting many messages from many friends who tried to book film premiere’s tickets today but couldn’t anymore because the tickets got sold out!

So I contacted the festival coordinators to check if it was actually sold out or just something slow on the Dendy cinema booking website (must always be hopeful right?). But it was true, tickets got sold out! I was shocked and sad because many of my dear friends wouldn’t be able to get tickets anymore!

The good news is that I just got just an update from the festival organizers informing that they changed the event to a much bigger cinema and just released a SECOND ROUND OF TICKETS!!!!


So any of you who were sad thinking you missed the big premiere event that is happening tomorrow, fear not, the universe just sent a second chance!!!

If you’re planning to join us and were thinking of getting your tickets last minute, I strongly recommend to book your tickets as soon as possible before they get sold out again!!!

This is the booking link: (just book tickets for the “Australian Horror Gala” session)


**Important note answering some previous questions:**
On the Dendy booking website, the event is not listed as “Brad Fitt Will Be Mine”, it is listed as “AUSTRALIAN HORROR GALA” (“Brad Fitt” and all other awesome films are part of the titled program, which is part of the “A Night of Horror International Film Festival)


“Brad Fitt Will Be Mine” Australian Premiere at the “A Night of Horror International Film Festival” at Dendy Cinema Newtown.
It will be a red carpet event with complimentary drink, featuring some of the hottest filmmakers in Australia, including new film by the celebrated Enzo Tedeschi (“The Tunnel” producer) and many more!
This is the festival link with the program details for the Australian Horror Gala Night:





“Brad Fitt Will Be Mine” its a quirky dark comedy starring Marc Petzke, Shailla Quadra, Jane E Seymour, Yolandi Franken, Andy Minh Trieu, Dani Swan, Damian Nixey and many more Australian Talent and tells the dark story of how far these actresses will go in their bloody competition fighting with each other to score the main role in the upcoming new Hollywood Blockbuster “Ocean’s Seventeen” and to work alongside Hollywood’s beloved “Brad Fitt”.

“Brad Fitt Will Be Mine” is captured by the lenses of renowned Australian cinematographer Jack Kelly, who helps to bring the story to life with a 5 star crew!

It was filmed in some of Sydney’s landmark locations including the beautiful “The Bayview Hotel” in Gladesville, and the stunning Kate Owen Australian Aboriginal Art Gallery and Studio in Rozelle.

“Brad Fitt Will Be Mine” features original compositions by up and coming Australian music artists, “As Rockets Fall”, and by “Brad Fitt” himself Marc Petzke!



“Brad Fitt Will Be Mine” had its premiere in the heart of Times Square at the “New York City International Film Festival”, where Shailla Quadra received a Best Actress nomination, as well screening in the official selection of the Columbia George International Film Festival, and now the time has come for its Australian Premiere, which will take place at Australia’s greatest fantastic genre film event “A Night of Horror International Film Festival” as part of the Australian Horror Gala on Tuesday, November 25, from 8:30pm at Dendy Cinemas Newtown.


“A Night of Horror International Film Festival 2014” has combined with “Fantastic Planet” creating one big juicy event. The 8th edition of the festival starts on the 20th of November and goes until the 30th of November. The Festival features a series of red carpet events and world premieres of some of the best horror and sci-fi films around and live Q&A events following film premieres with some of the best filmmakers from around the globe, in various events where the audience gets the opportunity to pick the brain of all these amazing guest talents to find out how they made it, get autographs, photos etc!

Its 10 days of party, celebrations, great mind blowing cinema, meeting great creative minds, making lots of new friends and great unforgettable fun!


Booking link: (just book tickets for the “Australian Horror Gala” session)





The Thing Under The Bed (Enzo Tedeschi, 2 min)
Mullet Gut (dir: Steven Boyle, 10 min)
House of Lee (dir: David Ma, 10 min)
Dark Origins (dir: Evan Randall Green, 12 min)
Umbra (dir: Bryn Tilly, 5 min)
Salvage (dir: Daniel Flood, 8 min)
Spiked (dir: Stuart Stanton, 5 min)
The Waiting Game (dir: Jerome Velinksy, 14 min)
Intrusion (dir: Jack Michel, 7 min)
Womb (dir: David Ward, 9 min)
Swallow (dir: Mia’kate Russell, 10 min)
Brad Fitt Will Be Mine (dir: Shailla Quadra, 9 min)
Schoolies Massacre (dir: Benjamin Morton, 15 min)

SPECIAL: Red-carpet event + drink on arrival + audience vote for A Night of Horror’s “Best Australian Short Film”.

Grab your tickets online now!



Check out the official “Brad Fitt Will Be Mine” for behind the scenes photos, latest news, trailers and much more!





Watch Trailer:



Looking forward to catching up with all of you at this fantastic event!

Have a wonderful week!