May 22

Web Hosting

Best Web Hosting Service to host your websites, reliable with efficient 24/7 customer service and best prices: IX Web Hosting

Are you looking into starting your own website? Or do you currently have a website but are not happy with your hosting service? Are you paying too many extras for your current service? Or are you not happy with the customer service of your current web hosting? Do they make you wait forever for simple answers and are not there when you need them?

Besides being an actress and filmmaker, I have also been creating lots of websites and managing them for a few years, and before I started, I researched dozens of hosting companies and compared all the details find out which ones were the best.

After researching many hosting companies to find out which ones offer the best packages, and the best management systems, and the best customer service, my favourite that I’ve been using for many years now without any problems has been IX Web Hosting.

Depending on the plan you choose, they offer 1 or 2 free domains with it. So if you’re starting everything now, it’s easier and cheaper if you get your free domain that will come with your hosting plan.

They have lots of tutorials on the site explaining many things step by step, and also a 24hours chat support service, which will always promptly help you if you have any technical problems, and it doesn’t matter where in the world you are or your time zone, you can access their 24/7 chat services anytime, and they are very efficient and always answer your questions and solve your issues immediately.

Note: If you already registered your domain name somewhere else, in a company that doesn’t offer very good deal for hosting, you can keep your domain name where it is, and “point” the domain to be hosted at IX Web Hosting, or you can transfer your domain to be hosted in the same account as your web hosting.

Before signing up with any hosting plan, have a good read through of what is included in the plan, and which features they charge additional fees.

I’ve seen many hosting companies that seem like a good deal, but when you start using them, they will charge extra for everything, for example, they will charge extra for you to set up email accounts, or to host additional domains, or many other features that are offered at no additional cost at IX Web Hosting, and their plans start at as little as $3.95 a month with all the main things that you need included.

Their 24/7 chat support, makes a big difference for when you need to contact them, especially if you are in another time zone, you don’t want to wait till the middle of the night for their office hours, neither wait for support services that take days to reply emails, which they refer to as “tickets”, which I’ve seem other fellow web managers suffer with, waiting for many days for a “ticket” reply and making them waste precious time in their work development, losing momentum and getting behind deadline, nobody wants that, time is too precious to wait for slow services, and IX Web Hosting support service is very fast and efficient.

If you want the best service with the best features and the best price, get started with IX Web Hosting today for all your websites hosting services and stay connected with your audience and fans!


Click here to go the IX Web Hosting website to choose your favorite hosting plan and get started today!





By Shailla